As the name suggests, double cleansing is washing your face twice. It sounds like something that wastes our time that is why many women tend to skip this process. I know I have been one of them. We constantly hear experts admit that washing our face just once, it is not enough. Also, they constantly
It’s been a while since I haven’t greeted you with a product review. So this new year, I’m back with an awesome moisturizing serum to recommend for you. This new year, we found another new serum that you can definitely consider to add up to your skin care routine. This is no other than the
In reality, what K-beauty promotes, is a simple, natural-oriented, everyday routine which only needs a handful of simple, essential skin care products. This is a very important thing; every one of us needs to remember.  Knowing what skin care products work best for you skin type, is vital when it comes to choosing the right
What really is dandruff? Dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is a condition of our scalp which makes our skin appear in the hair and looks like little white flakes. Dandruff is a very common thing to happen. Numbers show that almost half of the total population have dandruff during their lifetime. Especially teenagers and
When trying to choose a right, K-beauty skin care product, we all notice one thing: The options and varieties to choose are endless. Korean beauty industry offers us not only optimal possibility for all kind of skin conditions but also, it offers us some natural, qualitative creations which through all of these years have been
Skin care routine should go along with the current season. Despite our wishes and prayers to have summertime weather forever, unfortunately, Fall and Winter have made their way again and along will also bring some cold and wet weather, freezing temperatures and shorter daylight. Just like we switch our wardrobe and type of foods we
The topic of K-beauty secrets has lately become one of the most talked about especially all over the world. Due to the amazing, youthful and healthy skin that Korean women have, Korean beauty brands have not only made sure to create some effective skincare products which are a truly representative of Korean beauty regimen, but
What is natural cosmetic? When buying products labeled as “natural cosmetic”, every woman naturally thinks she should own it. And do you know why? Because of the constant thriving to have a healthy, youthful skin that shines all the time. Well, the question is, can this be possible? We don’t know that, but we do
In as much as a toner is an important part of our daily skin regimen, there has been a rise of different types and brands of such in the market. Which one is better? Can it be trusted? Would it not harm our skin? These questions might be rising up every time a new type