Sun Creams are basically one of the most widely sold cosmetic product in the skin care array. And with this in mind, we are faced with that never ending dilemma of which is the best. Which lasts longer? Which one is best to pair with your daily makeup routine? And whatnot. So By any chance,
It’s been a while since I haven’t greeted you with a product review. So this new year, I’m back with an awesome moisturizing serum to recommend for you. This new year, we found another new serum that you can definitely consider to add up to your skin care routine. This is no other than the
Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities’ lips look so natural despite the colors they use? Well, lip tints are the reason why. So how are lip tints different from your regular lip colors or lipstick? Lip tints are lighter in consistency than lipsticks. While lipsticks are usually waxy type, a lip tint is mostly water
Wondering what Ampoule should you include in your daily routine? I’ll introduce you to a Water Ampoule that you might want to consider in your life. This is the PRELAB Water Volume Ampoule. Foremost, what we want to know is how exactly an ampoule differ from a serum? We might think they are the same.
Loose powder or setting powder is everything in recent makeup trends. Thus, following my review on Helen Park’s Beaming BB Cream here I introduce its partner in crime; Helen Park’s M Powder. This is a loose powder that completes the Helen Park Perfect Cover Set. So this loses powder might just seem like your normal
Moisture mask are our main character for this week! Following last week’s review on Helen Park’s Maison de Aqua Whitening Mask, I’m back with yet another variation from their Maison de Aqua Mask line. This time it is a moisture sheet. It is the Maison de Aqua Moisture Mask sheet.   Helen Park’s Maison de
This is the street view in Kyoto, Japan..such moodscape & beautiful moment I’ve had. Time flies very fast and it’s already the end of the year… Enjoy the rest of your year! 🙂
I got my hands on another Whitening Mask and I thought it’s worth the review. Helen Park’s Aqua Whitening Mask; another of the wide array of the Helen Park skin care collection that I was able to try.   I was looking at the web for some previous reviews but it seems like there’s none.
Most popular street food #Korokke (고로케) at MangWon Market, Seoul! Korokke is the Japanese name for a deep-fried dish originally related to a French dish, the croquette. Korokke is the Japanese name for a deep-fried dish originally related to a French dish, the croquette. It’s the one of popular street food in Korea and especially great