I think this is the third one of my face mask sheet reviews. But this time it is a Black Mask. I’ve seen a lot of types of black mask in the market since it is rising in popularity nowadays. but somehow I found one that greatly tapped my interest. And what I am talking
It’s New Year and we’ll start the year right by looking at the trends of 2017! Yearly trends are constantly moving as each year passes. And what better way to start the year than checking out what trends of the past years have changed and what trends have stayed. So let’s go on and check
Have you ever heard about the rule – “ If you don’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin!”? Well, we couldn’t agree more. We seem to be incapable of noticing all the real toxic elements we put in our body and on our skin because of the lack of time,
Aegyeo sal or aegyeo eyes are one of Korea’s beauty trend. You might find weird yet interesting at the same time.   While the whole world is fighting hard to conceal those puffy under eyes, the Korean beauty trend says the other way around. Those puffy looking eye bags are actually a lovely thing. In this
Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities’ lips look so natural despite the colors they use? Well, lip tints are the reason why. So how are lip tints different from your regular lip colors or lipstick? Lip tints are lighter in consistency than lipsticks. While lipsticks are usually waxy type, a lip tint is mostly water
korean plastic surgeries
  You have probably heard about Seoul, the capital of South Korean being the world’s plastic surgery capital. Well, what you’ve heard is true. Only in 2014, South Korea has recorded over 980,000 undergone plastic surgeries. That’s about 2 procedures for 100 people. This number is way higher than the U.S’s with only 1.3 plastic
  I discovered meetunni.com a while ago and couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity and write about this unusual and vibrating site. Since you first visit it, some instant unique feelings pass through your mind. The touch of professionalism and dedication is so obvious… The first thing I noticed, was the sense of love

Holiday make-up ideas using K-beauty!

  This winter, every woman needs to glam up her beauty routine and prepare her to look for the holidays that are right around the corner. It’s the time of the year we all wait so impatiently, so, let’s celebrate… When thinking about a proper outfit and overall look that suits perfectly to the holiday