Are there too much K-beauty brands in the market? Do you want to know which of these K-beauty brands are endorsed by your favorite Korean celebrities? In this post, we will take you down the K-beauty stores in Korea and the celebrity brand representative these companies choose. It is important for companies to choose the

Why Koreans are loco about gradient lips

Gradient lips; I bet you are very much familiar with this. Indeed Korean Gradient lips have been a trend in the beauty world these days. And I believe it will continue to stay on the trend for a longer time. Now, why are the gradient lips look a very popular thing in Korea? The answer
Winter look is starting to make a comeback as winter is just around the corner.  And we can’t deny that as seasons change, trends also changes. Because winter is a season of snow and bright colors, the trend also goes with the soft and calming feels of winter. This time around, let’s look into the
Lee Sung Kyung is probably one of the world’s most loved K-celebrity up to date because of her pure talent and undeniable visual. This unni has appeared in a lot of dramas, starred in a number of music videos, posed for editorials and walked many runways already. But what separates Lee Sun Kyung from the