What “skin type” really means? When it comes to knowing your skin type, you should first know what skin type is. How can someone best indicate his own skin type and what are the main features of every type. After discovering your skins parameters, you can then perfectly decide which beauty products or skin care

K-beauty style acne treatment

When talking about K-beauty secrets, it is understandable why so many women are every day being convinced that this beauty industry is right for them. It is no longer a secret that Korean women have the most sunning and healthy skin on Earth. This true fact is what makes us, Caucasian women, feel the need
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What is natural cosmetic? When buying products labeled as “natural cosmetic”, every woman naturally thinks she should own it. And do you know why? Because of the constant thriving to have a healthy, youthful skin that shines all the time. Well, the question is, can this be possible? We don’t know that, but we do
When we talk about having a flawless and radiant skin, K-beauty is probably ranked first on the list of the most beautiful women on Earth. And yes, their skin is considered to be their best feature! It’s no longer a secret that along with “K-beauty” fevers that are heating the world market by storm, K-stars
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What Korean sheet masks really do? K-beauty brands have produced a ton of too good to be true Korean sheet masks for us to feel free to choose. If you are not a K-beauty lover yet, maybe it’s time to reconsider the true benefits that this Korean beauty industry can offer. But in this article,
When it comes to skincare, K-beauty knows what is talking about! Korean skin care routine deviates into 10 simple technical steps that every female should learn. Even though it’s the extended version of every other regimen, these Korean beauty tips are the ultimate processes that you need to follow for glowing, healthy porcelain looking skin!
The beauty offerings of Korean cosmetic brands, K-beauty, have quickly become worldwide famous. Some might say it’s because these Korean beauty standards which seem to guarantee some true and natural changings on every type of skin condition. Others might say these Asian products have been there for a long time, but the market was so
Dragon’s blood, some people calls it sap, which derives from the diagonal slashes as the way rubber runs from rubber trees. It has no relation at all to the animal kingdom. Technically, it is not blood, but rather slashes. It comes out of a particular type of South American tree which is “Croton Lechler” when

Have you ever heard of a snail mucin?

What disgusts you the most in this world? Well if you ask me that would be slimy and sticky things. Thus said, I don’t really like mucus, basically, I’m not in a friendly relationship with slimy things like snails and the something similar. If you’re like me, then hey, we just found our common ground!