In reality, what K-beauty promotes, is a simple, natural-oriented, everyday routine which only needs a handful of simple, essential skin care products. This is a very important thing; every one of us needs to remember.  Knowing what skin care products work best for you skin type, is vital when it comes to choosing the right
What really is dandruff? Dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is a condition of our scalp which makes our skin appear in the hair and looks like little white flakes. Dandruff is a very common thing to happen. Numbers show that almost half of the total population have dandruff during their lifetime. Especially teenagers and
  Is that time of the year again when temperatures drop and we all tend to get cozy in our homes. Winter is the season of not only holidays and celebrations but of the flu too. That is why is very important for us to know which are the right measures we have to take
Essential oils are not something women have recently started using in order to keep their skin as flawless as it can be. They are some natural, powerful oils which cover a large range of super-benefits not only for the skin (especially problematic ones) but also, for the body and mind. There actually, are no limits

Natural ways to detox your body and skin

What is detoxification? Every one of us knows that a process called detoxification can lead to some amazing health benefits. We also know that this process is a natural method of body cleansing and nourishing from inside out for an optimum health! But, what does detoxification really stands for and why is this process so
When trying to choose a right, K-beauty skin care product, we all notice one thing: The options and varieties to choose are endless. Korean beauty industry offers us not only optimal possibility for all kind of skin conditions but also, it offers us some natural, qualitative creations which through all of these years have been
Skin care routine should go along with the current season. Despite our wishes and prayers to have summertime weather forever, unfortunately, Fall and Winter have made their way again and along will also bring some cold and wet weather, freezing temperatures and shorter daylight. Just like we switch our wardrobe and type of foods we
  What is skin elasticity? The ability of our skin to stretch and then go back to normal is called elasticity. The condition where the skin loses its elasticity is called elastosis. Unfortunately, elastosis happens to everyone. It is a natural aging process that every human being has to experience.  Due to this fact, scientists
The topic of K-beauty secrets has lately become one of the most talked about especially all over the world. Due to the amazing, youthful and healthy skin that Korean women have, Korean beauty brands have not only made sure to create some effective skincare products which are a truly representative of Korean beauty regimen, but