5 skin care resolutions for 2017!!

  Now that the New Year is right at the corner, we naturally look back on the past times and reflect about all of the things we could do better… The thing is, analyzing ourselves physically and mentally, is a healthy thing to do. It’s called “growing process”. Looking at all the areas we could
korean plastic surgeries
  You have probably heard about Seoul, the capital of South Korean being the world’s plastic surgery capital. Well, what you’ve heard is true. Only in 2014, South Korea has recorded over 980,000 undergone plastic surgeries. That’s about 2 procedures for 100 people. This number is way higher than the U.S’s with only 1.3 plastic
Winter look is starting to make a comeback as winter is just around the corner.  And we can’t deny that as seasons change, trends also changes. Because winter is a season of snow and bright colors, the trend also goes with the soft and calming feels of winter. This time around, let’s look into the
“Eyeliner is life” as most of the ladies would say. And it most definitely is! There are different ways on how to apply eyeliners depending on your preference and eye type, such ways include Tight eye line, under a line, on your eyelids or the most popular trend; the winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliners are made
  That time of the year is finally right around the corner! We’ve already thought about our favorite K-beauty products we need to purchase for the upcoming year. And who can better understand and fulfill our needs than the K-beauty products? Korean brands are now becoming the new hit, the trendiest sensation not only in
  Well, we should admit that K-beauty mysteries are no longer unknown to us mostly because of Korean beauty vloggers and bloggers. They have opened our eyes in so many ways! If you follow one or many of them, in less than a month your beauty perspective and methodology will change. Starting from Ssin, one
Lee Sung Kyung is probably one of the world’s most loved K-celebrity up to date because of her pure talent and undeniable visual. This unni has appeared in a lot of dramas, starred in a number of music videos, posed for editorials and walked many runways already. But what separates Lee Sun Kyung from the
  This time of the year is supposed to be celebrated, to hang out with family and friends, and try to have as much fun as you can.  No one can actually resist holiday homemade food. Prepared with so much love and care, they are ready to make every one of us gain some extra
  I discovered meetunni.com a while ago and couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity and write about this unusual and vibrating site. Since you first visit it, some instant unique feelings pass through your mind. The touch of professionalism and dedication is so obvious… The first thing I noticed, was the sense of love