There has been so much love given to fashion these days. Because of that a lot of fashion icons are given attention for their flare and edgy fashion. In as much as fashion icons like CL, GD and the likes are the popular names in this part of the world trends, we try to look

5 Secrets we didn’t know about Song Mino

The name Song Mino has been already a popular sound to our ears. This WINNER member amazed us all with his rapping skills and definitely undeniable charms when it comes to variety. Like what one of his songs(Fear) tells us, he might look like our fiery charismatic rapper, but he actually has a lot of

5 tips to choose safer beauty products

  In the same way you look at food labels, you should also look the labels of your beauty products. Maybe you don’t know, but, the truth is, there are thousands of toxic and dangerous chemicals in beauty products of yours. They are all being absorbed in your body without you even noticing. Beauty industry
Nowadays, the world is getting on the all-Korean-trends, from clothes to skin care to hair and whatnot. And one of these Korean things people really love is the food. Apart from the Ramyun, Kimchi and Tokbokki that we love, there might be a lot of Korean food we don’t know; most especially when we say
As each year passes by, TV channels always hold their yearly Awards Festivals where a lot of gorgeous stars sweep the red carpet with their different red carpet fashion. We always love to watch for hours the red carpet event of these awards festivals. Not only to see our favorite stars, but also to see
Have you ever heard about the rule – “ If you don’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin!”? Well, we couldn’t agree more. We seem to be incapable of noticing all the real toxic elements we put in our body and on our skin because of the lack of time,
We don’t know if you have already tried putting yogurt on your face, but if you did, then you can perfectly understand what we mean by saying: Yogurt is amazing!! This protein-based product, is not only delicious, packed with calcium, probiotics and vitamin D, it is also a great source of many beauty benefits especially
You might be new to K-pop or you may be a no-K-pop fan and you usually find alien words only your Kpop friends know. These are Kpop terms that seem English to you but are used in a totally different context only K-pop fans know. You might find it weird listening to your friends talking
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  Everybody loves Korean dishes. Filled with bight pickled vegetables and spicy stews, Korean know how to make you addicted. Korean food is considered to be quite unique because of its delicious interesting combinations and unexpected ingredients. Korean people take food very seriously. For them, it is something to be proud of and that shows