The meaning of Unni Unni is a way of calling a female at the similar age of yours to comfort and tease your needs and wishes. Like a sister call that is ready to give you beauty advice whenever you need her to. The true meaning of the Unni word is this and it
You should once and for all convince yourself that there is not a skin care product out there that does not have an expiration date. This means you have probably many old products forgotten in your bathroom. Products that might be the time to get rid of them. Even though putting an expired moisturizer won’t
Nowadays, a lot of functional cosmetics are being sold. Functional cosmetics refers to containing specific functions such as skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection. Functional cosmetics are gaining in popularity because of their specific purpose, so cosmetics companies are introducing products with various materials, ingredients, and functions to meet the needs of consumers. However, no
Are there too much K-beauty brands in the market? Do you want to know which of these K-beauty brands are endorsed by your favorite Korean celebrities? In this post, we will take you down the K-beauty stores in Korea and the celebrity brand representative these companies choose. It is important for companies to choose the
Have you ever done your makeup and looked yourself in the mirror and thought how good your skin looks? Then, the next thing you know is that your foundation has separated completely and it’s practically falling off your skin… There is no denying that foundation and powder are a godsend. They both have the ability
At this point, we might already have been made known that BigBang’s representative rapper, TOP, has already enlisted to fulfill his mandatory military service for his country. A lot of our hearts actually ached by the news of this. It is no doubt that we deeply loved this charismatic yet crazy person; TOP. While a
When we say celebration on a 14th one event might come to mind, and that is Valentines Day. However, surprisingly South Korea has one celebration every 14th of the month. Of Course, we might expect this type of culture from a country where events and celebrations are always made spacial. In as much as we
You know you have never completed your Korean Tour without coming to see Jeju Island. This world class island is known for its timeless beauty and culture. Jeju Island is located on the coast of South Korea. It is three times as large as the main City, Seoul, and it offers the wide array of
Spring is coming and thus that change in fashion trends is on it’s way too. So apart from the changing of winter coats to those leather bomber jackets, one thing that goes with the change is definitely the bags. There are a lot of variations when we say spring trend bags, but what is definitely