Since beauty brands are constantly offering more and more color options to choose from, we, as women, often found ourselves wondering whether a certain color suits us or not. You see, to better determine which are the colors that need to be in your wardrobe and makeup draws, is by knowing how to determine
Have you heard about the latest buzz in the body care industry? Yes, we’re talking about slimming patches that are quickly becoming the go-to weight loss method for thousands of women all around the globe. Well, what are slimming patches anyway? Are they really so effective and what are the side effects? don’t worry, we’re
Here is a set Meetunni’s staff has created for every single woman out there trying to have a flawless-looking, bright skin. The Unni’s choice of the month personifies sophistication, skin care, delicacy, and feminism. This set is directly inspired from the real Korean beauty rules and it includes 4 carefully selected products that will leave
Whether it’s short hair, bright colors, and weird hair styles, the new year and season mean new hair trends as well!  Here are some of the most famous trends spotted for the upcoming fall/winter 2017 – 2018. After asking many hairstylists and fashion designers, we came up with five, most capturing and beautiful trends everyone,
  Have you heard about the latest Korean skin care trend? It’s called the ‘Toner Wash method’ and pretty much is the latest favorite trend the goddess of the skin care beauty, Korean gurus, have created for problematic and sensitive skins. Let’s find out what’s this trend is all about and why it guarantees success
There is no woman that doesn’t find herself in a panic mode whenever the summer is around struggling to find the right outfits, beauty and skincare products that will match their style, personality and most importantly, will make them look flawless. We don’t blame you, that’s why we don’t blame ourselves as well when trying
  Some people say summer is our skin’s worst enemy. Others agree there are always efficient solutions to undertake when battling the negative skin effects every season brings along. The reasons why summer is considered a “bad”  season when it comes to your skin’s health, is due to the fact there are many people, especially females
  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to apply and reapply our SPF cream, it seems, after a long day at the beach, nothing can save us from getting sunburned… The truth is, in many cases, there is nothing we can do expect to accept this sad fact and take some essential, necessary measures that will
  Even though most of the women don’t want to accept it, we all know the best; most effective and fast way to lose weight is through a well-balanced diet. Even though this is considered to be the first, simplest step towards having a fit body, it often becomes the hardest one to follow. There