One of the biggest concerns every woman has, is to find the right anti-wrinkle product that will guarantee the biggest help in their anti-wrinkle fight. Because, the truth is, knowing the right elements and products that work best for anti-wrinkle purposes it’s not enough.  It is very important to deeply inform ourselves in their
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In as much as a toner is an important part of our daily skin regimen, there has been a rise of different types and brands of such in the market. Which one is better? Can it be trusted? Would it not harm our skin? These questions might be rising up every time a new type
An Icing Gel or refreshing gels might be a new thing to you. However, it’s beginning to rise in popularity in the K-Beauty world. Basically, because they give us this refreshing feeling every time. Stress away! There are a lot of variations of these gels; mostly with different types of plant or fruit concentrates that
In the rise of the mask pack fad in the Korean Beauty market nowadays, you probably won’t know anymore which ones to try and which ones to avoid. I would understand if you suddenly become careful of what you buy from the wide array of products presented before your eyes.   Today I will introduce
Keeping our skin in the best condition it can possibly be is never impossible with the rise of certain skin care products in the cosmetic industry today. And allow me to introduce to you yet another magical concoction in a bottle that will surely take your skin to the best condition it can possibly go.
What is Tony Moly egg series? Do you really get what you’ve been told? Even though there might be a lot of products that claim to help you facing with blackheads, this case usually end up the same for everyone. They do not fully disappear! Let me show you something that might change the way
Let’s face it, there is a strong reality in all of us when I say we all have that wishful moment wherein we dream to become a vampire ourselves and never grow old. I’m guilty of it myself. I mean who would ever not want to look as young as possible for the rest of
Let me start this review by saying, this product I am to introduce to you is about to change your life forever! [This is not an exaggeration. hahaha!] Well before we go to the actual product, allow me to introduce to you the makers first. Yes, I’m actually teasing your excited soul right now. *wink
Have you noticed dark circles and wrinkles underneath your eyes? Are you bothered by the look of your eyes? If so, then I think this is the time to find the best solution for your under eye issues. So what is the best way to get rid of these skin problems? Can you remove the