Holiday make-up ideas using K-beauty!

  This winter, every woman needs to glam up her beauty routine and prepare her to look for the holidays that are right around the corner. It’s the time of the year we all wait so impatiently, so, let’s celebrate… When thinking about a proper outfit and overall look that suits perfectly to the holiday
Moisture mask are our main character for this week! Following last week’s review on Helen Park’s Maison de Aqua Whitening Mask, I’m back with yet another variation from their Maison de Aqua Mask line. This time it is a moisture sheet. It is the Maison de Aqua Moisture Mask sheet.   Helen Park’s Maison de
I got my hands on another Whitening Mask and I thought it’s worth the review. Helen Park’s Aqua Whitening Mask; another of the wide array of the Helen Park skin care collection that I was able to try.   I was looking at the web for some previous reviews but it seems like there’s none.
Gel Creams are obviously rising in popularity in the market. I personally get too confused on which one to believe and purchase. So I recently had my hands on Helen Park’s WEB GEL CREAM and it actually sets itself apart from other gel creams sold. Foremost, what we need to know about the Helen Park
Moisturizers play an important role in our daily skin regimen. They are essential whether we have dry or oily skin. And so, following my review of Snail Bee High Content Skin, I will introduce to you it’s partner in crime. I’m talking about SNAIL BEE HIGH CONTENT STEAM CREAM.   This product is Benton’s addition to
Snail extracts in cosmetics are starting to rise in popularity in the K-beauty industry because of the product’s tested and proven effects to the skin. Ladies (and gentlemen), allow me to introduce a new twist to the snail cosmetic haul. Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Skin further pushed the limits of cosmetics with the fusion of
Are you tired of trying out one primer after the other, now you get confused what is best to use as your make up the base? I say now you don’t need to worry. Son&Park introduces an addition to their skin care line that can change your views about primers in your life. Introducing Son&Park’s BEAUTY
We all know that the skin around our eyes is the most fragile one. It is prone to dryness which is translated into wrinkles and fine lines, and also, dark circles. That is why we do all agree on the importance of a proper, right skin care line that can potentially work on the under
When trying to choose a right, K-beauty skin care product, we all notice one thing: The options and varieties to choose are endless. Korean beauty industry offers us not only optimal possibility for all kind of skin conditions but also, it offers us some natural, qualitative creations which through all of these years have been