Have you heard of the so-called “SMURF PACK”? Sounds weird right? But it is actually making a fuzz in the beauty world. This certain smurf pack is the B&Soap Mamie Blue Wash off Pack. It is coined as the smurf pack because of its blue color. Thus applying it on makes you look nearly like
  For the last months, Chateau Labiotte Wine lip Tint has been one of the most popular lip tints all around the Asia and USA. If you’re one of them who have still not experienced the magic of this product, then, its time you do. I did hear about the launch of this lip tint
Sun Creams are basically one of the most widely sold cosmetic product in the skin care array. And with this in mind, we are faced with that never ending dilemma of which is the best. Which lasts longer? Which one is best to pair with your daily makeup routine? And whatnot. So By any chance,
  First, let me say, Air Chou foundation is now my ultimate favorite foundation of all times! Yes, it is and there are many reasons why. I’ll make sure to mention them below but first, let me show you how I decided to purchase this foundation. You see, I consider myself to be very selective
It’s been a while since I haven’t greeted you with a product review. So this new year, I’m back with an awesome moisturizing serum to recommend for you. This new year, we found another new serum that you can definitely consider to add up to your skin care routine. This is no other than the
  Taking care of your skin is not something we do for fun, it is a necessity. To do that, there are some essential rules and methods to be followed. Those are indicated and based on scientific calculations and timings. Starting from the number of times we should wash our face, the number of times
Wondering what Ampoule should you include in your daily routine? I’ll introduce you to a Water Ampoule that you might want to consider in your life. This is the PRELAB Water Volume Ampoule. Foremost, what we want to know is how exactly an ampoule differ from a serum? We might think they are the same.
Loose powder or setting powder is everything in recent makeup trends. Thus, following my review on Helen Park’s Beaming BB Cream here I introduce its partner in crime; Helen Park’s M Powder. This is a loose powder that completes the Helen Park Perfect Cover Set. So this loses powder might just seem like your normal
BB Cream has never upped their game since I met Helen Park’s Beaming Mirror BB Cream. This BB Cream is part of Helen Park’s Perfect cover set. You can either use it alone or use this BB cream with the Helen Park M Powder. But for this review, I’ll introduce to you the Beaming Mirror