Are there too much K-beauty brands in the market? Do you want to know which of these K-beauty brands are endorsed by your favorite Korean celebrities? In this post, we will take you down the K-beauty stores in Korea and the celebrity brand representative these companies choose. It is important for companies to choose the
At this point, we might already have been made known that BigBang’s representative rapper, TOP, has already enlisted to fulfill his mandatory military service for his country. A lot of our hearts actually ached by the news of this. It is no doubt that we deeply loved this charismatic yet crazy person; TOP. While a
When we say celebration on a 14th one event might come to mind, and that is Valentines Day. However, surprisingly South Korea has one celebration every 14th of the month. Of Course, we might expect this type of culture from a country where events and celebrations are always made spacial. In as much as we
You know you have never completed your Korean Tour without coming to see Jeju Island. This world class island is known for its timeless beauty and culture. Jeju Island is located on the coast of South Korea. It is three times as large as the main City, Seoul, and it offers the wide array of
I think this is the third one of my face mask sheet reviews. But this time it is a Black Mask. I’ve seen a lot of types of black mask in the market since it is rising in popularity nowadays. but somehow I found one that greatly tapped my interest. And what I am talking
Spring is coming and thus that change in fashion trends is on it’s way too. So apart from the changing of winter coats to those leather bomber jackets, one thing that goes with the change is definitely the bags. There are a lot of variations when we say spring trend bags, but what is definitely
There has been so much love given to fashion these days. Because of that a lot of fashion icons are given attention for their flare and edgy fashion. In as much as fashion icons like CL, GD and the likes are the popular names in this part of the world trends, we try to look

5 Secrets we didn’t know about Song Mino

The name Song Mino has been already a popular sound to our ears. This WINNER member amazed us all with his rapping skills and definitely undeniable charms when it comes to variety. Like what one of his songs(Fear) tells us, he might look like our fiery charismatic rapper, but he actually has a lot of
Have you heard of the so-called “SMURF PACK”? Sounds weird right? But it is actually making a fuzz in the beauty world. This certain smurf pack is the B&Soap Mamie Blue Wash off Pack. It is coined as the smurf pack because of its blue color. Thus applying it on makes you look nearly like