Sun Creams are basically one of the most widely sold cosmetic product in the skin care array. And with this in mind, we are faced with that never ending dilemma of which is the best. Which lasts longer? Which one is best to pair with your daily makeup routine? And whatnot. So By any chance,
As each year passes by, TV channels always hold their yearly Awards Festivals where a lot of gorgeous stars sweep the red carpet with their different red carpet fashion. We always love to watch for hours the red carpet event of these awards festivals. Not only to see our favorite stars, but also to see
It’s been a while since I haven’t greeted you with a product review. So this new year, I’m back with an awesome moisturizing serum to recommend for you. This new year, we found another new serum that you can definitely consider to add up to your skin care routine. This is no other than the
It’s New Year and we’ll start the year right by looking at the trends of 2017! Yearly trends are constantly moving as each year passes. And what better way to start the year than checking out what trends of the past years have changed and what trends have stayed. So let’s go on and check
You might be new to K-pop or you may be a no-K-pop fan and you usually find alien words only your Kpop friends know. These are Kpop terms that seem English to you but are used in a totally different context only K-pop fans know. You might find it weird listening to your friends talking
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Why Koreans are loco about gradient lips

Gradient lips; I bet you are very much familiar with this. Indeed Korean Gradient lips have been a trend in the beauty world these days. And I believe it will continue to stay on the trend for a longer time. Now, why are the gradient lips look a very popular thing in Korea? The answer
Aegyeo sal or aegyeo eyes are one of Korea’s beauty trend. You might find weird yet interesting at the same time.   While the whole world is fighting hard to conceal those puffy under eyes, the Korean beauty trend says the other way around. Those puffy looking eye bags are actually a lovely thing. In this
Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities’ lips look so natural despite the colors they use? Well, lip tints are the reason why. So how are lip tints different from your regular lip colors or lipstick? Lip tints are lighter in consistency than lipsticks. While lipsticks are usually waxy type, a lip tint is mostly water
Winter look is starting to make a comeback as winter is just around the corner.  And we can’t deny that as seasons change, trends also changes. Because winter is a season of snow and bright colors, the trend also goes with the soft and calming feels of winter. This time around, let’s look into the